KCSSU is an Afrikan-centered culturally-based organization that understands the importance of the knowledge of self and knowing one’s true culture, history, values, and traditions. KCSSU realizes and recognizes that the majority of the issues and problems faced by Afrikan people throughout the diaspora (and even on the continent), include, but are not limited to, self-hate, Afrikan-on-Afrikan violence, lack of self-motivation, lack of self-love, disrespect, and others, all stem from a lack of self-knowledge.

Afrikan-Centered Values

KCSSU has numerous Afrikan-centered programs which focus on teaching all age groups the values of MA’AT, which embody the principles of truth, justice, order, balance, harmony, reciprocity, and righteousness. These principles help to develop an Afikan-centered consciousness in the individual and they help to restore love, unity, peace, and order in our families and communities.


Office: (919) 690-9617


Raleigh, NC